Special for New Customers: Who Snatched Deposits in October?


As we bid farewell to the second month of fall, we extend a warm welcome to all the new clients who have recently joined Gerchik & Co and participated in the deposit giveaway.

Now, let's unveil the names of the October winners:

  • Participant with balance account No. 116602
  • Participant with balance account No. 116569
  • Participant with balance account No. 116588

Heartfelt congratulations to our lucky winners! Each of them will receive a tangible deposit as their well-deserved prize, and we are excited to see it grow for them in no time!

You can watch the video of the drawing process here:

Would you like to be the next winner? If you haven't yet joined the Gerchik & Co family, simply sign up in November to become eligible for our upcoming giveaway. We look forward to having you on board!

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