Three ways to make money in financial markets

TIMA Service is a budget-friendly trust management solution available for everyone. Earn income as an investor, trader, or agent!
1. Investor
Pick out suitable managers from the TIMA Account Rating and build a balanced investment portfolio. You don’t have to personally select assets and make trades. Experienced traders will take care of all that. Just like with the investment fund, your money will be working for you!
Wish to become an investor? Visit this page and learn how to do that.
2. Managing Trader
Are you an experienced trader who has a profitable trading strategy? Boost your earnings by employing investors’ money!

Open an investment TIMA account and raise investors’ funds. A share of revenue will be your remuneration for the successful management of the invested capital.

On top of that, you are the one in charge of the remuneration size. E.g. The remuneration you’ve specified is $40. You made $1,000 for your investors in the course of a month. This means that your extra income totals $400!

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Stas Krotov
In six months’ time, I have made 70% of profits off of investments at Gerchik & Co. I picked the right TIMA managers and check progress only once a week. I withdrew money 2 days ago using my Visa. The money has been credited today. I am really happy with the broker!
Gerchik’s “thing” is risk management. In this sense, TIMA accounts are thought out down to the last detail. There are no adepts of grid and martingale strategies on the website. So, the money won’t go down the drain within one day. The TIMA system will simply not let the manager exceed the risk thresholds.
I recommend the TIMA solution to those who do not have the time or intention to trade on their own. I personally do not have time to do that because of my intense work schedule; however, forex looks very intriguing to me. For now, I am learning from Gerchik bit by bit, while investing in TIMA and earning income. Managing traders are doing a great job!
Major kudos to the broker for the TIMA account solution. I used to be afraid of trust management. It seemed completely unrealistic to me that you can actually make money there. However, Gerchik & Co approaches things professionally. You can check the strategy, indicators, profitability, and overall profit of each manager and pick the one that suits your needs best. On top of that, they are using Risk Manager that limits the losses, so the investors feel much safer that way.
3. TIMA Agent
Get the investors to invest in TIMA accounts of the managers and earn monthly income without investments!

TIMA Agent is a Gerchik & Co customer who helps managing traders to find and attract new investors. For these services, the agents earn remuneration—a share of revenues—paid by the managers.

To become a TIMA Agent, you don’t need to have the initial capital. Simply spread the word about the benefits of the TIMA service on social media, in videos, and on your website. Attract investors as a manager’s agent and make money!
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