Special for New Clients: November 2023 Winners Unveiled


November has come to a close, and in keeping with our established tradition, we are delighted to announce the lucky winners of cash deposits as part of Gerchik & Co’s Special for New Clients! It's time to announce them:

  • Participant with balance account No. 116906
  • Participant with balance account No. 116799
  • Participant with balance account No. 116835

Congratulations to the winners! May these deposits mark the beginning of a successful journey in your trading endeavors.

Watch the video to witness the exciting moment of the prize draw:

Join us and win!

If you haven't become a client of Gerchik & Co yet, here's some exciting news: the Special is still running, and you have the chance to snatch a deposit. Participate and win. We wish you the best of luck!

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