Special for New Clients: January 2024 Winners Unveiled


Another exciting month of Gerchik & Co’s Special for New Clients is over! Those who joined have already unlocked the key to success in trading—access to favorable conditions, services, and solutions for maximizing earnings in the financial market.

Now, let's reveal the winners of January 2024:

  • Participant with balance account No. 117264
  • Participant with balance account No. 117230
  • Participant with balance account No. 117323

Congratulations to our winners! Cash prizes are ready and waiting for them!

Check out the video capturing the draw:

But wait, the excitement doesn't end there!

Our special is still in full swing! Brace yourselves for another chance to win a deposit at the end of February. Ready? Then dive in, become a Gerchik & Co client, and participate in the new giveaway.

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