Top TIMA Strategies, March 2024


Top 5 most profitable strategies since their inception:

In March, Derevo’s top strategy in the TIMA ranking has maintained consistently strong performance, surpassing 1,000% since its launch. The Andromeda strategy achieved the highest monthly return among other leading strategies, reaching 27%. Other managers are also increasing their profits, which is pleasing news for their investors.

Agressive Strategies

For numerous months, Derevo's strategy has consistently maintained its prominent position in the TIMA rankings, garnering investor interest. Over its 1383-day operation, the strategy has achieved a profitability of 1030.51%, with a maximum drawdown not surpassing 59.57%.

In March, the strategy delivered a 2.94% return. Furthermore, the number of active Derevo investors has risen from 131 to 139, representing 98.93% of the capital.


In 454 days, the Andromeda strategy increased its profit to 621.28%, maintaining a moderately aggressive stance with a maximum drawdown of 27.84% throughout the manager's work.

March saw the strategy yield a 27.84% profit for investors. Additionally, the number of active Andromeda investors surged from six to eleven, now holding a 65.26% share of the capital.


Throughout its 677-day lifespan, the E-Capital strategy achieved a profit of 263.20%, with the maximum drawdown standing at 95.61% for the entire duration.

Presently, E-Capital has 39 active investors, collectively holding a 95.83% share of the capital.


Over the course of 1,706 days, the SECRET strategy has achieved a profitability of 91.86% under the manager's supervision.

It operates solely on investor capital, which comprises 100% of its funding.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

Brilliant remains at the forefront of profitability among low-risk strategies. Throughout the manager's 2,279-day work, the strategy has achieved a profitability of 93.62%.

The maximum drawdown for the entire period has remained below 18.27%, rendering this strategy appealing to cautious investors.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy is characterized by a steady yield curve. Throughout the manager's 1205-day work on the account, the strategy has delivered profitability of 33.12%, with a maximum drawdown of 15.27%. In March, investors saw a return of 0.84%.

Currently, the strategy has three active investors, holding a combined capital share of 99.99%.

Level Trading Profy

Over the manager's 2622-day work on the account, the Wave Analysis strategy has yielded a profitability of 12.37%. This strategy is considered moderate, making it suitable for cautious investors seeking a gradual increase in capital.

Throughout its operation, the maximum drawdown has not exceeded 22.03%.

Wave analysis

During the manager's 187-day work on the account, the Priroda strategy yielded a profitability of 10.12%. Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown level remained below 24.31%.

Additionally, over the month, the number of active investors in the strategy increased from six to seven, and their share in the capital stands at 60.44%.


*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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