Top TIMA Strategies, January 2024


January was a successful month for the top managers featured in the TIMA rating. In this overview, we'll delve into the outcomes of both aggressive and cautious, conservative strategies.

Agressive Strategies

The Derevo strategy continues to dominate the TIMA rating, solidifying its top position with exceptional profitability.

Across 1,326 days of manager’s work on the account, the strategy yielded a remarkable profitability of 977.07%, with a maximum drawdown not surpassing 59.57%. In January, the strategy delivered a return of 6.03%.

Throughout the month, the number of active Derevo investors surged from 122 to 126, collectively holding a 98.87% share of the capital.


Operating for 397 days, the Andromeda strategy has achieved a profitability of 335.28%. Classified as moderately aggressive, the strategy maintained a maximum drawdown level below 54.96% throughout the manager's work.

In January alone, investors garnered a return of 41.10%. Andromeda currently has seven active investors, collectively holding a 57.64% share of the capital.


The E-Capital strategy demonstrated a profitability of 331.32% over its 620-day lifespan. Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown level stood at 95.61%.

In January, investors reaped a 79.15% passive income from this strategy, highlighting its aggressive risk approach reflected in the yield curve.

Currently, the E-Capital strategy has 43 active investors, collectively holding 95.91% of the capital.


Over 1,649 days under the manager's supervision, the SECRET strategy achieved profitability of 125.50%. Despite its aggressive nature, the strategy maintained a maximum drawdown of 66.64% throughout the entire period.

Notably, the strategy operates exclusively using investor capital, which totals 100%.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

The Brilliant strategy rightfully retains its position as the profitability frontrunner among low-risk and cautious strategies. Across 2,222 days under the manager's guidance, it achieved a profitability level of 113.17%.

Throughout the manager's work on the account, the strategy maintained a maximum drawdown below 18.27%, ensuring a favorable risk-return ratio. In January, Brilliant delivered a return of 1.81%.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy is a highly conservative strategy characterized by a seamless yield curve. Throughout the manager's 1,148-day work on the account, the strategy yielded a profitability of 31.94%, while experiencing a maximum drawdown of over 15.27%. In January, investors reaped a return of 1.99%.

Presently, the strategy has two active investors, collectively holding a 99.99% share of the capital.

Level Trading Profy

Priroda ranks as the newest addition to the rating, being a highly cautious strategy. Across 130 days under the manager's supervision, it achieved a profitability of 29.55%, with a maximum drawdown of 4.72%. In January, investors saw a modest return of 0.17%.

Presently, the strategy counts four active investors, collectively holding a 52.46% share of the capital.


The Parabolic SAR E strategy yielded investors a return of 24.85% over the 241-day tenure of the account manager.

This strategy is classified as moderate, offering potential benefits to investors. Its maximum drawdown has remained at most 30.16% throughout its operational history.

Parabolic SAR E

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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