Top TIMA Strategies, February 2024


Top 5 most profitable strategies since their inception:

In February, the profitability of the leading TIMA-rated strategy Derevo surpassed 1,000% since its emergence. In the meantime, the monthly profitability of the Andromeda strategy stood at 32%. Other managers are also boosting profitability, thereby generating passive income for their investors.

Agressive Strategies

The Derevo strategy maintains its position as the top performer in the TIMA rating, a status it has held for several consecutive months, making it an attractive option for investors. With over 1,355 days of the manager's work, the strategy has yielded a profitability of 1,003.08%, while keeping the maximum drawdown below 59.57%.

In February alone, the strategy saw a return of 2.49%. Moreover, the number of active Derevo investors increased from 126 to 131 during the month, representing 98.91% of the capital.


The Andromeda strategy, known for its moderately aggressive approach, has shown impressive returns, reaching 510.69% over 397 days, with a maximum drawdown not exceeding 54.96%.

February demonstrated a substantial return of 32.39%, attracting six active investors who hold a 50.43% share in the capital.


Within its 650-day existence, the E-Capital strategy reached a profitability of 388.08%. Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown remained at 95.61%.

In February, investors earned a passive income of 24.01% through this strategy. Presently, E-Capital has 42 active investors, collectively holding a 95.96% share in the capital.


The SECRET strategy has maintained an aggressive approach, yielding profitability of 109.01% over 1678 days of the manager's work on the account, with a maximum drawdown of 66.64% throughout the period.

The strategy operates solely on investor capital, which constitutes 100% of its funding.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

Brilliant continues to excel as the top performer among low-risk strategies. With a history of 2,222 days under the manager's supervision, its profitability surged to 100.19%.

Notably, the maximum drawdown throughout this period remained below 18.27%, showcasing an exceptional risk-return ratio that appeals to cautious investors. In February, Brilliant delivered a return of 1.81%.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy, characterized by its steady yield curve, has achieved profitability of 27.18% over 1,177 days, with a maximum drawdown of 15.27%.

The strategy currently counts two active investors, holding 99.99% of the capital.

Level Trading Profy

Priroda, the youngest in the ranking, demonstrates a cautious approach with profitability of 26.28% over 130 days and a maximum drawdown of 5.85%.

The strategy has witnessed an increase in active investors from four to six within the month, with their collective share in the capital at 57.68%.


Over the course of 241 days of the account manager’s work, the Parabolic SAR E strategy achieved a profitability of 24.85%. Positioned as a moderate strategy, it caters to cautious investors seeking a gradual capital increase.

Notably, its maximum drawdown has remained below 30.16% throughout its history.

Parabolic SAR E

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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