TOP TIMA Strategies at the End of 2023


In our customary TIMA account review, we'll recap the results of 2023 and explore the top-performing strategies that have excelled in profitability, delivering substantial gains for investors. These encompass both aggressive strategies that yielded the highest profits for investors and conservative ones characterized by substantial drawdown.

Agressive Strategies

As of the conclusion of 2023, Derevo's strategy maintains its top position in the TIMA ranking. Renowned for its remarkable profitability, this strategy attracts investors with a willingness to embrace an aggressive risk profile.

In 1297 days of the manager’s work on the account, the strategy has achieved profitability of 915.12%, with a maximum drawdown remaining below 59.57%.

Derevo currently boasts 122 active investors, collectively contributing to 98.84% of the capital.


The Andromeda strategy has been operational for 369 days, showcasing a profitable performance of 254.01%. It is positioned as a moderately aggressive strategy, with the manager maintaining a maximum drawdown below 54.96% throughout this period.

Currently, Andromeda attracts has seven active investors, collectively contributing to 57.64% of the capital.


E-Capital is an aggressive strategy with profitability that is worth the high risk. Over the course of 592 days, the strategy’s profitability stands at 226.36%.

Despite a high-risk profile evidenced by a maximum drawdown of 95.61%, the strategy has garnered 44 active investors as of the start of 2024, holding a significant 95.40% share of the capital.


The SECRET strategy, operational for 1621 days, has achieved profitability of 130.09%, maintaining an aggressive profile with a maximum drawdown of 66.64% over the entire period.

The strategy operates exclusively using investor capital, constituting 100% of its funding.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

Brilliant, a longstanding strategy, continues to lead in returns among low-risk and cautious approaches. With over 2,194 days of manager’s work on the account, the strategy has achieved a profitability level of 112.07%.

Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown has remained below 18.27%, ensuring a favorable risk-return ratio.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy, characterized by a very cautious approach with a steady yield curve, has yielded a profitability of 30.57% over 1,120 days of managerial activity.

The maximum drawdown has been limited to 15.27%, and the strategy currently has two active investors, contributing 99.99% of the capital.

Level Trading Profy

Priroda, a young and cautious strategy, has achieved profitability of 29.26% over 102 days of the manager’s work. The maximum drawdown is a modest 4.72%, attracting four investors who collectively hold 52.46% of the capital.


Parabolic SAR E, a moderate strategy, delivered a return of 24.62% over 213 days of the account manager's efforts.

The maximum drawdown during this period remained below 30.16%.

Parabolic SAR E

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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