Top TIMA Strategies, April 2024


Top 5 most profitable strategies since their inception:

In April, the leading TIMA strategy by Derevo continues to demonstrate remarkable performance, maintaining a steady growth rate of over 1,000% since its creation. Additionally, two new, promising, and highly profitable strategies have emerged in the rankings, catering to both cautious investors and those inclined towards a more aggressive approach to capital accumulation.

Agressive Strategies

Derevo's strategy has maintained a prominent standing in the TIMA rankings for numerous months, sparking investors’ interest. Over its 1413-day operation, the strategy has yielded profitability of 1068.49%, with a maximum drawdown of no more than 59.57%.

In April, the strategy recorded a return of 2.91%. Aside from that, the count of active Derevo investors has risen from 139 to 157, collectively holding 99.04% of the capital.


Over 484 days, the Andromeda strategy has boosted its profit to 621.82%, exhibiting a moderately aggressive approach, with a maximum drawdown of 54.96% throughout the manager's work on the account.

In April, investors reaped a 2.52% return from the strategy. Presently, Andromeda has eleven active investors, holding a 65.93% share of the capital.


In the course of 1736 days, the SECRET strategy has achieved profitability of 115.83% under the manager's work on the account, maintaining its aggressive nature, with a maximum drawdown of 66.64% throughout the period.

Operating solely on investor capital, which stands at 100%, the strategy yielded 14.76% in April.


Moderate and Conservative Strategies

PHANGAN TEAM emerges as a recent addition to the rankings, boasting a 150.87% profitability within just 90 days of account management. Operating with moderate risk, the strategy experienced a drawdown of 43.86%.

In April alone, investors enjoyed a 25.03% profit from the strategy. Currently, PHANGAN TEAM has 13 active investors, holding a substantial 91.42% share in the capital.


Brilliant stands out as one of the most secure and lucrative options among low-risk strategies. Across 2,309 days of the manager's work, the strategy has achieved a remarkable profitability of 84.03%.

Notably, the maximum drawdown throughout its operational history has remained below 22.24%, making this strategy particularly appealing for risk-averse investors.


Level Trading Profy

Level Trading Profy represents a strategy characterized by a steady yield curve. Throughout 1235 days of the manager's work, the strategy has maintained a profitability of 33.52%, with the maximum drawdown recorded at 15.27%. In April, investors witnessed a modest return of 0.30%.

Presently, the strategy has three active investors who collectively hold 99.99% of the capital share.

Level Trading Profy

Roman Zif is a recent addition to the top-performing strategies in the TIMA rating. Tailored for the exceedingly cautious, it caters to those who prefer to build their capital slowly but steadily and without major drawdowns.

Within a span of 90 days under the account manager's supervision, the strategy has delivered a profitability of 13.93%. Notably, its maximum drawdown has remained below 15.43% throughout. In April, investors witnessed a 6.66% profit from the strategy. Presently, Roman Zif has three active investors who collectively hold a capital share of 54.78%.

Roman Zif

In the course of 217 days of the account manager's work, the Priroda strategy demonstrated a profitability of 11.19%. Throughout this period, the maximum drawdown remained capped at 50.00%.

The strategy currently has five active investors who collectively hold a 55.67% share in the capital.


Over the course of 2652 days under the manager's supervision, the Wave analysis strategy achieved a profitability of 10.29%. This moderate strategy appeals to cautious investors seeking gradual capital growth.

Throughout its operation, the strategy's maximum drawdown remained below 23.37%.

Wave analysis

*This rating is for informational purposes only and does not contain any recommendations for investment decisions.

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