Results of the Contest on Demo Accounts Season 5 Announced


On January 31, 2020, the 5th season of the Contest on Demo Accounts which took place in the live market came to an end. Over 10,000 traders bravely faced the challenge, putting their skills and strategy to the test in «combat conditions».

Unfortunately, not everyone could meet the key requirement i.e. avoid a drawdown that exceeds 20%. Nonetheless, the contestants have gained valuable experience without losing a cent. On top of that, they were able to do a personal psychological test drive and improve their skills thanks to the books they had been sent to get prepped for the race.

Another factor that never fails to attract thousands of traders to this competition was the $55,000 prize fund. Based on the results, the top 55 traders will receive $1,000 investment in their TIMA accounts which - as proven by competitive trading - they can easily maximize further down the line.

See the table below to learn who is among the 55 winners this time.

Account number Nickname in the Contest
184545 fruzok
163411 Andrey17
155909 63070
180082 Yana
160248 Fintera
186790 Kostyan
158743 zevs7710
157482 FARIK
161333 Mykhailo
173256 Garynych
161807 Baur
163236 Crok
169828 pilotff
155601 GANZ
162674 Ramzy
165513 Vladislav_Pak
158898 Mishele
160251 zim64
165193 Orangetree
155441 Solomon
167797 Selim
156076 Elvins
186797 JoeFoggs
156864 risk_reward
172572 RTWOT
161009 wisher
157575 Antonnn
160122 Dez
186811 Saha37
184727 Naxel
173912 SparkoCV
185300 Romuald
163360 Ledokol
166412 Singleboyin
165893 VIB
160954 GL-IB
185309 Ksyshik
162667 talking
181068 CroSSman
158941 Devochka_LU
184624 charga1990
160106 Krutoy_Nool
163875 Nomad
165798 sasha
156923 BOMJ-trade
175053 Sokolov
157590 zhus
163828 starlej
175414 Wulkan
161364 feliks-vit
158654 Count
167699 Baldr
158600 TSProfit

Winning $1,000 to be credited to the account + Attracting investors = Next step in the trading career!

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